All Ways A Woman

Target Audience: Women and those who love them

All Ways a Woman is a celebration of women as seen through the eyes of watercolorist Lynn Centeno and the pen of author/poet Carol Mann. Revealed in its chapters are the complexities of a woman’s life: her thoughts and feelings, her loves, her many roles, and her enduring strength. Each turn of the page reveals the uniqueness of her existence and the universality of her journey.

Both intimate and all-embracing, the book is a tribute to women from all walks of life who daily reach into themselves and out to each other to cope, live their lives, contribute, and survive. The last poem in the collection, “The Gift of the Gathering,” is a final homage to all women.

At its heart, All Ways a Woman is a book for the woman who, in a quiet moment, delves within herself to reflect or understand or remember, and who knows she is in all ways a woman, always. This is her story, her inspiration, her art, her poetry.

Available: Hardbound

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